The Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef sits at the base of Kenwood’s excellent Classic Chef Range. At the time of writing there’s well over 50% off the RRP at this shop; another example of how the price of household goods has tumbled in recent years. So rather like buying the worst house on the best street, the KM330 has all the makings of a fantastic investment.

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Features & Accessories

The KM330 comes with the same three non-sticks K-lene coated, cast metal mixing attachments as the rest of the Classic Chef range. That includes the ‘K beater’ for mash potato and cake mixtures, a balloon whisk for batters, egg whites and creams and a dough hook. These attachments lock into place completely rock-solid through a simple push and twist motion, which is the same as you’d find on a bayonet-style light bulb.

The Kenwood KM330 comes with a 4.6L bowl, which is the standard size for this sort of machine. What isn’t standard is the material the bowl is constructed of, which is plastic. I struggle to think of any other mixing bowl that is plastic rather than stainless steel. However, other than in appearance this doesn’t seem to be a drawback. It has handles on either side of the bowl to help lift it, which is a useful addition.

Ease of Cleaning

Every Kenwood Classic Chef comes with a great splash guard. Not only does it wrap the whole way around the bowl, it also has a spout for ingredients with a hinged lid. This means the KM330 isn’t going to fling ingredients out of the bowl no matter how enthusiastic you or one of your young sous-chefs are with the speed dial.
Reading through the instruction manual, the splash guard doesn’t look to be dishwasher safe. However, both the plastic bowl and mixing attachments are, keeping the washing up to a minimum.


Unfortunately the KM330 is quite noisy on any speed. That powerful 800W motor and plastic shell mean it was always likely to be a bit loud. To be honest, we’re not too bothered whether a stand mixer is noisy or not, so long as it’s not obnoxiously load, which this machine isn’t.
Interestingly, the plastic mixing bowl seems to make this mixer slightly quieter than the other mixers in the Kenwood Chef range.

Size & Weight

Like all of the Kenwood Chef range, the KM330 is a sizable piece of kit. It measures 39cm long by 23.5cm deep by 29cm tall, giving it a large footprint. Keeping the KM330 out on the worktop permanently ensures that you really make the most of it as a kitchen machine. It’ll also mean that you get to keep some valuable cupboard space and saves you having to lift it out of the cupboard frequently. On the flip side it’ll demand a lot of worktop space, so make sure your kitchen is big enough if this is your plan.
The KM330 weights a reassuring 6.5kg. This is average for this type of machine, but for our readers who haven’t had a mixer before, the weight makes lifting it in and out of cupboards a slightly awkward task.

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