Finding the right hair removal method can be a process. If you find waxing too painful and shaving too time-consuming, electric facial hair remover might be just what you are looking for. Not only does the treatment take little effort, but it's also the only hair removal process that will give you permanent results.

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Smart Design

Its compact size isn’t the only impressive feature. The device’s rotary design means it adapts and contours to your face, making it easy to remove hair from the cheeks, upper lip and chin. It also comes with a built-in smartlight meaning you can spot and remove isolated hairs. There’s a protective foil on the rotary cutting system to protect your face and provide better skin comfort too.

Compact and Versatile

Designed with portability in mind, the discreet and subtle face trimmer is ideal for storing in your bag and can be used whenever you need a top-up.

Easy Makeup Application

The handheld tool shaves skin evenly, cleanly and close to the skin resulting in a flawless base for makeup and skincare products.


SMOOTH SKIN: shaves hair cleanly and close to the skin, for easier makeup application

GENTLE & DISCREET: built for efficient and sensitive facial hair removal for women

QUICK & EASY: mini-sized design for portability - efficient facial hair removal anytime, anywhere

PRECISE: spot and isolate hairs with the facial hair remover’s built-in smartlight

VERSATILE: this facial shaver for women is easily usable on tricky areas of the face

How to Use:

Remove the protection cover. Turn the switch cap to position “I” to switch on. Guide the shaver head flat and slowly over your skin. Depending on your preference, use it in circular or linear movements. Once done, turn the switch cap back to position “O” = off.

Additional Information:

  • Keep the appliance dry.

  • Do not use the appliance on irritated skin.

  • Don’t use with a damaged shaver head.

  • For hygienic reasons, the appliance should only be used by one person.

  • To clean the device, turn the shaver head counterclockwise and pull it off. Gently tap it on a flat surface. Use the brush to wipe off hairs from inside the shaver head. Do not brush the blade. Do not clean with water. To reattach the shaver head, turn clockwise.

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