Renovating your spaces in the house by maintaining, repairing or decorating could be one of the easiest and simplest activities we can do in our spare time. There are many ideas and projects to improve your home spaces and makes your living comfortable and happier. Some of the renovation could also be done by you without spending big money and paying hefty amount for laboring. Improving your house by some creative thinking and adding it to your dream home, must seems like an expensive idea but it isn’t as costly as we think. Here are our ideas to improve your housing spaces to make your home look better than ever.

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It’s amazing how small decorative items and accessories can make a huge impact in a room. Designers know the influence that rugs, lighting, Curtains, art, and other accessories can have in a space and know how to use them wisely.

Unfortunately, accessories and small decor can also break a space. Decorative items are the most inexpensive way to freshen or add a new look to a room, but if a decorator is not careful, these items can quickly overtake the home.

Here are some accessories you should add to your house spacing:

Indoor Lighting

Lighting the area, whether Interior or Exterior needs planning well before decoration, not the vice versa as many of us thought. Good or bad lighting can completely change a look and feel of the area. Lighting is an essential part of our lives, natural or artificial, depends upon the area, time of the day and work to be done. Exterior or Outdoor Lighting is more of measurable when considering, while Interior or Indoor lighting is more of Quality. Both need proper planning before installation.

Proper Lighting affects the mood, improves productivity and provokes alertness. Brighter lights create attentiveness and diligence, while softer or dimmer lights make the atmosphere relax and cozy.

When designing the home or workplace, choosing proper lighting is the basic thing to consider. In fact getting know how or what types of light to purchase, which type of bulb they come with, which area the light is going to be installed and from where to buy the lighting for indoor and outdoor is necessary before buying.

Carpet and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are most common flooring choices around the world, with different material and style according to the culture and availability. Wall to wall carpets can cover the entire room, while smaller carpets and rugs can be placed at any space with portability option to shift it anywhere in the house, according to the need.

Carpets and rugs come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The prices of carpets and rugs are from low to very high, which depends upon their quality and material. They offer soft, warm and cozy feeling for the bare foots, which makes you relax. They also help to reduce noise and feel warmer in the cold season. They can be added on top of any flooring to give it a diverse and beautiful look and feel. The flip side is that it is hard to clean liquid substances from it.


Have you ever noticed a full length mirror can makes the room look larger than normal? This is one of the many features of mirrors, which can create depth and enhances beauty to your home, without damaging the budget. If placed correctly, mirrors can enhance light and create depth in the area. Mirrors are an affordable way to decorate or add functionality to your home. So, how to select the right mirror for the right place? We are giving here some of the common mirror types, which not only improves functionality, but also adds an element of decoration to your home.

Acrylic Mirrors: Acrylic Mirrors are newer type of mirrors that are not made of glass; in fact, they are made using acrylic or polycarbonate material. Acrylic Mirrors are lighter in weight and can be curved or bent, unlike glass mirrors.

Bathroom Mirrors: Bathroom Mirrors area an essential fixtures of every bathroom. From brushing the teeth to combing the hair, they are necessary for checking out the appearance before getting out of the bathroom.

Floor Standing Mirrors: Floor standing mirrors are also called free standing mirrors. They provide dual functionalities. They can be placed, where view of head to toe is required.

Mirrors with lights: These mirrors come with lights to brighten the focus object. They are mostly used for makeup.

Geometric Mirrors: These mirrors come in different geometrical shapes from simple shapes like square, rectangle, round and oval to complex geometric shapes. The simple shaped mirrors are commonly used anywhere in the house, mostly for their generic use.

Vanity Mirrors: Vanity Mirrors are used for makeup and hair styling. They are both wall mounted or portable.

Wall Mirrors: Wall Mirrors are mounted on the walls. These comes in different shapes are sizes. Their function is purely decorative, which is to beautify the area.

Blinds & Curtains

Windows of any home are always the point of attraction. This is the reason, why windows are always found to be decorated with different types of Beautiful designed curtains and blinds. Decorating your home windows has always been an important element of home improvement. It is important that the curtains or blinds we are using on a certain room should be matching with the color of the walls and it has to be of the right design. Adding curtains or blinds in your beautiful home is always doubles the beauty of your house.

Bare windows bring cool air to the room. A lot of heat is gain and lost through the windows. Therefore, it’s important to cover it properly, to limit the hot air from going out and cool air from coming in. Cover your windows with Curtains & Blinds to prevent cold from coming inside. Thick and heavy curtains not only blocks outside cold from coming inside, but also create warmth to the room.

Posters & Arts

Adding beautiful & decent posters & arts to your walls is always pleasing to the eyes of everyone. Mostly people do attract by the charm of the “Vintage Poster Arts” because it recalls the time of the ancient eras. Whereas, paintings are also consider in many houses to give them a fascinating look.  

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