When it comes to designing and decorating, bathrooms tend to get overlooked and are only furnished with necessities. While changing the tiles or wash basin may require a big investment, accessories like bath mats, soap dishes can be easily replaced for a décor upgrade and without the need for overspending. All kinds of bathroom accessories extending from textile to storage solutions – can complement the overall style of your bathing space and make it look luxurious and upbeat.

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Bathroom accessory sets include all sorts of things such as soap dispensers, toilet brushes, storage trays and makeup holders. All sorts of other useful items can be added to this list. These are the details that help you personalize the room and make more suitable for you and your needs.


There’s a variety of ways to organise your bathroom and towel rings and rails are the ideal way to add practical yet stylish solutions to your space. Towel rings are perfect for storing a hand towel close to the sink, so you can easily dry your hands after washing them.

Circular towel holders have a classic, timeless appeal, and will work well with any simple and timeless design. Square towel holders are the ideal choice for a more modern space, which matches the clean lines and simple aesthetic. Circular and square towel rings require the minimal amount of wall space, making them the ideal solution for small bathrooms, ensuites or cloakroom bathrooms.

Single rails are ideal for storing large towels. The length of the towel rail allows you to spread out your towel so that it doesn’t remain wet after use. A more practical solution for family bathrooms might be the double towel rail – which offers plenty of hanging space for multiple towels.

These simple but functional towel rails are a classy addition to any bathroom, with square design for contemporary bathrooms, or rounded design for a more classic, traditional appearance.

Bath Mirrors

Mirrors are an all-important accessory in a bathroom. Functional and practical, they’re an essential for any morning and evening routine. A stylish mirror can really bring the room together and give a light and airy feel to small spaces or windowless rooms.

There are a range of mirrors to choose from:

  • Make-up mirrors: Make up mirrors are generally fixed with the wall, with shelves along with it. Make-up goods are placed on the shelves. In front of the makeup mirror, there used to be a chair to sit on. The makeup mirror is generally mounted in the wall either vertically straight or leaned.

  • Luminated Mirror: An illuminated mirror is a type of mirror, which combines a mirror with light. The function of an illuminated mirror is to put light on the face with no shadow. In order to avoid the shadow, an illuminated mirror is used in bathrooms.

  • Free-standing Mirror: A free-standing mirror is a long mirror placed either on a stand or supported by a stand. Free-standing mirrors are of the length of a man. It is used to cover a complete look of the person.

  • Wall-mounted Mirror: A wall-mounted mirror is a mirror, which is mounted with the wall of the bathroom. It varies in length. It may be as long as a free-standing mirror, or shorter.

  • Wall-leaning Mirror: Just like a wall-mounted mirror, this type of mirror is also fixed with the wall, but the difference is a wall-leaning mirror is not hung or mounted with a wall, but rather, it is simply placed alongside the wall with the support of the wall.

  • Ceiling-mounted Mirrors: A mirror of any type is called a ceiling-mounted mirror; it is suspended with the ceiling of the room/ bathroom.


  • It’s very easy for bathrooms to become messy due to the amount of different products (shampoos, bath oils, shower gels etc.) that collect around the shower or bath. Baskets and shelves can be solid and stylish storage solutions, which tidy all your products and cosmetics away.

  • Corner baskets and shelves are perfect for storing shampoo bottles (and other shower products), putting them within easy reach when you take a shower or bath without filling up the shower floor.

  • If you don’t have use of a corner, a wire basket is an equally practical solution, which fixes against the wall.

  • Shelves can be a attractive storage solution in the bathroom too. These are perfect for storing toothbrushes, cosmetics and soaps if you’re a little shy on space around the basin. Glass shelves are stylish but durable and can really complement modern and designer spaces.

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