Sunglasses are used mainly for two reasons. First, they protect the eyes from bright sunlight. Second, they make you look cool. Although large scale sunglasses’ history is not more than a century ago. The original purpose to wear sunglasses was to protect the eyes. Later on, they also become a fashion accessary. Nowadays, there are so many types, shapes and sizes of sunglasses available, that it has become a million-dollar industry.

We are listing here some of the modern types of sunglasses (in alphabetical order) with their brief information.



Aviator sunglasses were first made for pilots to protect them from Sun glare during flight. This style later commercialized and developed into one of the most common and stylish kind, which is still popular in modern world.


Cat Eye:

Cat Eye is retro style feminine sunglasses, which has upswept outer edges at the arm joints of the frame. They are considered one of the most fashionable styles of sunglasses for women since many decades. They are still a popular choice among vintage style loving women.



Clip-on sunglasses are without full the full frame. They are attachable pair of lens, which can be placed over your regular perception eyeglasses via clips or magnets, to protect the eyes from the glare of sunlight.


Half Frame:

As the name suggests, half frame means the upper or lower side of the frame does not fully cover the lens, mostly from upper side. They should be handled with care, as they have less frame protection than the full rim frames.


Interchangeable Lenses:
The main benefit of interchangeable lens is that, different coloured lenses can be fitted into the same frame. The use of different colour lenses not only adds in the variety of looks and style, but also can be used in varying light and weather environments according to the need.



The frame design of oval sunglasses is not fixed. They come in various sizes and shapes such as thin, thick, small and large in metallic or plastic frame. Their name has come from the shape of the lenses used, which is oval.



Oversized sunglasses come mostly in round, square or rectangular shaped large size frames. In today’s fashion world, Oversized sunglasses makes a nostalgic look and style of the 70s era.



Rectangular sunglasses come in different sizes of Rectangular shape. They come in full frame with the equal edges at all ends.



In Rimless sunglasses the lenses are attached directly to the bridge or temples. They look delicately stylish with a touch of class. They need extra care, as they have all most no frame protection.



They have round shape lens with full frame around them.



Sports sunglasses are made in a way that optical quality and visual enhancement properties of the lenses provide the best possible vision in tough environments. They have wrap-around frame style with different variations, which distinguishes them from other kinds. 



These are another retro style sunglasses, where the shape of the frame is square, and like the rectangular shape, they also come in full frame with equal edges at all ends.


Wayfarers are one of the most commonly style of sunglasses used around the world today. Their distinct trapezoidal shape resembles to the cat-eye frame previously, now have been squared off. Still, their slightly newer look has not decreased their popularity.


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