Children want to play with the toys, no matter what their age is. If you don’t believe it, just take the kids to any toy shop or even show them toys online. They will possibly find many things that they want them desperately. Toys are not only a source of fun for kids, but some toys help in child’s learning and development. Parents can provide suitable toys according to their children age to help them learn about the environment around them, satisfying their curiosity, encourage them to interact with others through compromise, conflict resolution and sharing with fun.


Toys for Infants:

At the early age, Babies are ready to learn everything around them. Each new colour, shape, touch, taste and sound is educational experience for them to learn. Infants love rattles and toys that make sound. Toys with flashing lights, different sounds and colours attract babies and inspire their developing sense. Growing babies needs stuff like blocks to help them improve hand-eye coordination and mechanical skills.


Toys for Toddlers:

As the child becomes toddlers, they start to move around and explore things that attract them. They may still enjoy playing with the toys, they use to play when they were babies. Push chairs and walkers alike will help them expand their mobility while teaching them to keep their balance. Toys like shape sorters are best for toddlers, as they provide opportunity to teach them the names of the shapes and match similar items. Toddlers also like toys that can open up, then can be pulled apart from each other, that can be put back together, for which open-ended toys are the best.


Themed playsets are great educational toys that can help improve the child’s recognition skills. Problem solving skills can be developed by blocks that snap together, wood puzzles, sorting objects, transportation toys, construction sets and sand and water play toys.

Drawing and painting on large paper or card sheet with non-toxic, washable crayons and markers increase the creative skill in your child.


Toys for Preschool & KG

As the child get over 2 years, it’s time to start learning about numbers, letters and forming shapes. There is verity of toys that helps in this type of learning. This includes simple alphabet and number puzzles, picture books with words and detailed pictures, tabs and gadgets with interactive programs that a child can understand and interact through different levels. These will introduce the child to prepare for the start of Kindergarten schooling.


Educational Toys:

In school, kids starts learning through educational toys and have fun at same time.

Providing opportunity to have fun while learning and playing with things in the schools, makes them familiar to them. And in the process, as they like and play with these educational toys, makes their learning easier and faster.


Educational toys are designed and made in a way to enhance child’s senses, problem solving skills, creativity, emotional and social development as well as improve hand-eye coordination, memorization, concentration, motor skills, and identification skills.


Toys for Girls:

Girls mostly like to play with dolls, domestic things like crockery and kitchen set, dollhouses. Girls like mostly pink coloured toys. Girls like to play with doctor set or kitchen set or a shopping market set. If you give a girl a boy’s toy, they won’t probably like it much. So, boys and girls have their own different taste for toys.


Toys for Boys:

Boys like to play with cars, animals, robots and war sets like soldiers and stuff. Boys usually like blue or red coloured toys. If you give a boy a doll, they would most probably make the doll a soldier and prepare her for battle as they don’t like girly stuff.


Playing is itself a learning process for children. Playing with kids is a great way to bond yourself with your kids, while learning and having fun at the same time, making education an enjoyable experience.


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