What are laptops?

A laptop is a smaller version of computers. Laptops are even easier to carry around because they can fold and will than consume less space. Laptops are chargeable devices, so they can be used for an even longer period of time.

Advantages of laptops

Laptops are portable devices which can be carried anywhere. Laptops are space saving devices as they can fold and consume less space. Another benefit of laptop is that it doesn’t need electricity unless it’s low on battery. Laptop is also lightweight, hence it’s easy to carry.

Disadvantages of laptops

However, there are some disadvantages as well. Laptops are expensive. Laptops can break easily. Some laptops are also slower than desktops such as for gaming purposes. Laptops are easy to carry and can be stolen easily.

Advantages of computers

Computers are used for several purposes. They’re used for controlling trains, ships and planes. Computers are reliable and they are a safe device.  Computers are time saving devices. Conclusively, they are devices to make our life better and easier.

Differences between computers and laptops

Laptops as compared to computers are easier to carry. A laptop as compared to computer is user-friendly since it takes a few minutes to get started. Laptops takes less power as compared to computers to keep it running. Laptops are slimmer than computers and are space saving.

Computers however if compared to laptops, provide us more options. Computers are cheaper than laptops. Computers have more better graphics. A computer has a big sized screen whereas, laptops have small. Laptops have small keyboards as well, but computers have large keyboards. Computers are easy to get repaired than laptop.


Conclusively, both devices have advantages and disadvantages both. However, you should always keep in mind for what use you need to buy a laptop or computer and then buy the suitable device.

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