As our society and culture become more connected through technology, the use of headphones has increased. Headphones allow people to enjoy music and have conversations from anywhere at any time. The ease of headphone use and the mobility that they afford cannot be overstated. This is particularly true currently, as our society spends more time with virtual meetings and headphones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

No good smartphone is complete without a terrific pair of headphones and the variety on offer is larger than ever. Nowadays, every smartphone user is looking for the best quality headphones which are also suitable in price.

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Different types of Headphones


Wireless headphones work via Bluetooth, a type of technology that connects two devices together via radio waves. Bluetooth is popular since you don’t have to worry about a pesky cord getting in your way.


Also known as “in-ear headphones,” Earbuds are extremely popular with runners, commuters, and teenagers who want to discreetly listen to music while they’re in class. Earbuds typically offer good sound quality and are the easiest, most lightweight style to carry.


Circumaural is a fancy way of describing headphones that fit over your ears. The squishy, big earcups are fitted to an adjustable headband that sits on top of your head. You’ll also sometimes hear this style referred to as over-ear headphones.


Supra-aural is another way to refer to on-ear headphones. The earcups are typically smaller than a circumaural pair, which makes them more stable for athletes during conditioning or practice. They also have a stylish vintage look that makes them a favorite among the hipster crowd.


If you’re on a noisy train or airplane, noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute must. The earcups are extremely cushy and comfortable. These headphones basically isolate you and your audio content from any outside noises.

Bone Conduction

Most headphones block the ear canal, allowing no other sound to enter. Bone conduction headphones, on the other hand, send vibrations to the bones in your inner ear. They are worn above the ears, which makes them excellent for anyone with hearing issues.


A closed-back design keeps what you’re listening to private. It’s the most common type of fit since the speaker is on the inside of the cups, allowing you to keep the sound close by.


It might seem strange, but open-back or open-air headphones have the speakers fitted on the outside of the earcups. This style is typically used on soundstages or in music studios when the songs are being performed live.


A pair of semi-open headphones is a happy medium between closed-back and open-back pairs. They don’t completely seal the speaker, instead allowing in some air and ambient noise. They’re great for casual listening if you’re just relaxing at home.


Do you want to go for a swim or take a bubble bath while wearing headphones? Give a waterproof pair a try! This style is specially made to withstand water without getting destroyed or causing your ears any damage.


While a DJ can use any style of headphones, the pros look for a pair that allows different sounds – one in the left speaker and one in the right. These headphones can even play different tracks in each earcups for those moments when you’re really in the groove!

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